A Beginner’s Guide to Shopping on AliExpress

There’s nothing difficult about shopping with Aliexpress. It may, however, present some difficulty to find exactly what you need on this gigantic shopping platform. Beginners may have problems looking for what they want, so we hope this guide comes in helpful.

Get Your Cashback

Suppose, you found the item you want and added it to your cart – you seem to be only one step away from buying it. However, don’t be too hasty: if you’re shopping with cashback (after signing up on a cashback website, such as SecretDiscounter or GoCashBack), you’ll need to activate it first. Cashback will allow you to get up to 5% off the price of the product back, which can be significant in case you’re shopping for something expensive. If you want to get your cashback, don’t add the item to your cart straight away.

Follow these steps:

  • go to the cashback website and activate the cashback plugin for your browser;
  • make sure you’re signed in on the cashback service;
  • open Aliexpress.com again and select the item you chose;
  • add the selected item to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

In case you followed these steps, you must get your cashback.

Another thing to keep in mind – you may be using a few cashback sites and therefor have a number of browser plugins. In this case you need to stop and think, which service will give you the cashback. The answer is: the one you worked with last before shopping. And in case different services offer different amount of cashback, you may get less that what you expected. Naturally, you will contact the customer services, but they won’t be able to help you because you were not shopping with their platform. To prevent this from happening, don’t shop hastily, first make sure you don’t have any extra cashback plugins running. This way you will be sure the cashback platform of your choice will get your information and take care of your cash back.

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Shop on AliExpress With a Discount

To shop cheaper, use a coupon (an Aliexpress promo code that can be found right there, on the cashback website) – it will give you an additional discount. It may significantly lower the amount of money you’ll spend.

Aliexpress coupons

Another saving option: contact the seller directly and ask for a discount. You may consider doing this if you’re shopping for something expensive. You can use this simple trick to tip the seller into making a discount: add the item to your cart, but don’t pay for it just yet. The seller may think that a discount is just what you need to finally decide in favor of making the purchase. The stores that sell expensive goods are likely to make you a special offer. And if they refuse, you can always just try another vendor.

Checkout On AliExpress

Say you have chosen the item you need and want to pay for it. You need to press the according button on the product page:

Aliexpress add to cart

You will be transferred to the page where you need to specify your order information. In case you’re shopping with Ali Express for the first time, this is where you need to select your delivery address. If it’s not, simply check it.

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