How can I get additional cashback?

How can I get additional cashback?

Many people have been successfully using cashback services or popular banks’ Visa/MasterCard cards with cashback when shopping online domestically and internationally for a long time now. But not all services offer good rates and conditions.

How can I find high cashback rates?

Use a cashback rating platform to get higher cashback for your shopping and get back as much money as possible.

CashbackHunter will provide you with promo codes and coupons to get higher cashback on popular platforms. You can also use it to compare rates from different services, read feedback, ask a question and discuss it with other users.

By the way, it’s way more profitable to usecashback platforms when shopping online since they aren’t as greedy as banks and will give way higher rates. For example, Russian Tinkoff bank will give 2-5% of cashback when shopping on Aliexpress, while you can easily find a cashback platform that will give 8-10%. The situation is the same with most stores.

Don’t forget you can’t get cashback from the platform and the bank at the same time.

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