How to clear cache on AliExpress?

Why is it sometimes necessary to delete or clear cache on AliExpress? The whole point is that your browser or the Aliexpress app REMEMBERS the information you open. And sometimes it causes problems. How to clear Aliexpress cache and cookies at the same time?

The browser remembers the page so “hard” that when you place an order on Aliexpress, you may do it from an OLD cached version of the page containing outdated information.

Let's look at how you can delete (clear, reset) outdated cache from your computer and in the Aliexpress app. Here are the most common questions.

  • How to delete the cache in the Aliexpress app?
  • How to clear cache of the website on your computer?
  • How to remove the Aliexpress website from the browser?
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How to clear the cache in the AliExpress app?

To do this, you need to go to your profile in the Aliexpress app, open SETTINGS - and find the CLEAR CACHE option.

This part is very simple, everything works the same way, both on Android and iOS. It is a little more difficult to clear the cache in the browser. In case customers do have problems, they usually arise when opening Ali Express from their computers.

How to clear cache of the AliExpress website on your computer?

You can try to find instructions on how to clear cache in the depths of your browser settings, but there are better ways. Why?

There are too many different browsers, operating systems, and their versions to describe the algorithm of deleting cache in each individual case.

It is much easier and more convenient for future use to install a small and simple browser extension that will clear the cache, including Aliexpress cache, in ONE CLICK.

There are many such extensions; you can find them in the catalog of extensions for your browser if you search the word CLEAN.

Choose the one that you like best, install it and you will get a small button on the browser panel, which you can click to delete all the cache in the browser instantly.

Personally, I use the Clear Cache extension in Google Chrome. In the extension, you can choose what you need to clear when you click the button on the browser panel:

Do not check too many boxes, or else you might delete some of the useful information too and then, for example, re-enter passwords, which the browser has remembered.

How to remove AliExpress from the browser?

You may have encountered a problem when the browser redirects you to the Aliexpress website AUTOMATICALLY, although you did not click any links. What could be the reason and how to remove Aliexpress from your browser?

The first possible reason is one of the websites you have entered before uses a script to automatically redirect you to Aliexpress. This is how webmasters try to make money on Aliexpress.

There is only one solution – leave this website. There's nothing you can do to change its algorithm.

The second possible reason is that an extension in your browser redirects you to the AliExpress website. In this case, clearing the cache will not help, you need to figure out which extension is causing the problem and delete it.

You need to go to the browser settings. In Chrome those are SETTINGS-MORE TOOLS-EXTENSIONS:

It will open the extensions page. Try to disable browser extensions that seem suspicious to you and see if you still get redirected to Aliexpress .

This algorithm works for other browsers too: look for extensions and disable the ones that seem suspicious.

The third reason why you get redirected to the Aliexpress website might be spyware on your computer. Often, such spyware modules don't even get detected by the antivirus, since technically they are not viruses.

This text was written to help the many customers on Aliexpress who find themselves in situations where the cache saved by their computer or phone causes problems while shopping.

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