How to close a dispute on AliExpress?

On, a dispute is the only legal way to solve any problems you might have with a seller or goods on the platform. But how do you close a dispute on Aliexpress and when should you do it?

It’s important to understand that sellers on Ali Express REALLY don’t like it when customers open disputes. Those disputes (in case they become numerous) influence the seller’s Aliexpress rating, which makes them less visible on the website.

That’s why sellers often ask to CLOSE or CANCEL the dispute promising a great deal if you do. Don’t trust them! Many customers have been tricked this way and ended up losing both the goods and their money.

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When should you close a dispute on AliExpress?

Say, delivery period is about to run out, but your order hasn’t showed up. You open a dispute and the seller asks you to close it assuring you the order IS ABOUT TO arrive. And indeed the tracking service on Aliexpress tells you the package is very close to your location.

You may close the dispute because you can still re-open it within 15 days after closing. A better idea would be to ask the seller to extend the delivery period on Aliexpres to give you an opportunity to open a dispute in case you miss the 15 day deadline.

In case the Aliexpress tracking number cannot be tracked and the seller doesn’t want to extend the delivery period, you absolutely mustn’t close the dispute on AliExpress!

Never agree to close the dispute if the seller promises to refund you privately!

Usually sellers offer to return money to your PayPal in case you close the dispute on Aliexpress. Even if you agree (despite the fact you may have no use for money on PayPal or have no PayPal in the first place), wait for the money to arrive before closing the dispute.

How to cancel a dispute on AliExpress from your desktop?

What if you have already came to an agreement with the seller and they’re ready to compensate you or the order did show up in the end? In this case, you can close the dispute on Aliexpress by clicking the button in the bottom of the dispute page.

You will need to go to your Aliexpress account, then to MY ORDERS, go to the page of the order in dispute and there in the bottom of the page you will see the Cancel Dispute button.

But let me repeat: don’t close it until the seller does what they promised: you will not be able to do anything about any problems that may arise more than 15 days after you received the order.

How to close a dispute on AliExpress on the mobile app?

It’s just as easy to close the dispute on the mobile app. You’ll need to open the Aliexpress app and in the middle of the main screen you will see the IN DISPUTE section:

You’ll need to go to that section and see the orders currently in dispute. Then you select the order you need, open its page and look for the button to cancel the dispute in the bottom of the page.

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