How to Contact AliExpress Customer Support?

If you encounter any problem on, please contact customer support. How do you contact Aliexpress help center and get feedback?

There are two main ways to get in touch with AliExpress support team: live chat on the website and official social media accounts.

We have to admit support team on Ali Express is not great. Therefore, it is important to know some tricks to get through to the customer support. How do I contact Aliexpress and in what cases can I solve the problem in a different way?

How to contact AliExpress customer support?

The easiest way to contact Aliexpress is by using their chat.

In the chat, you will first talk to Eva chatbot, which is programmed to give quick answers to the most common questions. If you want to talk to a real person on AliExpress, WRITE 'I NEED A REAL PERSON!!!' IN THE CHAT.

Exclusive! Aliexpress buyers on Reddit found the perfect way to talk to a live person and not to Eva bot in the chat.
They write "The alimebot cannot help me with my question" in the chat and a live person from the Aliexpress support service connects to the conversation.

Keep in mind that the live operator on Aliexpress is only available during business hours (from 9.00 to 18.00) on working days from Monday to Friday.

In which case do you not need the AliExpress customer support?

Imagine you did not receive the product that you ordered. Alternatively, it did come, but its quality doesn't match the description. What should you do in this case? In this situation, you do not need to write to the support service, you need to open a dispute. 

However, if your paid orders disappeared, you were charged more money during the payment, or something UNUSUAL like that happened, then you need to write to AliExpress Help Center.

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How do I write to the customer support on the AliExpress website?

You can click on this link right now and write to customer support on Aliexpress. You can also do it on the store's website.

To do this, go to the main page of and find the HELP CENTER section:

Here you can select the problem that you are dealing with from the list and read how to solve it. But what if you didn't find your question in the FAQ?

Then the only option left is contacting the Aliexpress support service via the online chat. Scroll down a bit to find a small ONLINE SERVICE button:

How to contact AliExpress support in an online chat?

You need to select the category of the question. If you struggle to choose which category your question belongs to, select something close to your topic.

At this point, the chat finally opens, but that's not all. First your question will be answered by a robot. To start talking with an operator, type "I want to talk to a real person" in the message area. 

Within a few seconds, an operator will answers. Now you can ask all the questions and get answers, and solve the problems that may have arisen.

What if you can't reach a live operator on AliExpress?

Because Aliexpress is a very popular site and hundreds or even thousands of people try to contact operators every day, it is not that easy to reach a living person on the other side. What can you do?

You can be persistent, or you can send a message to one of the official Aliexpress accounts on social networks.

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