How to find a seller on AliExpress?

There are thousands of sellers on Not all of them are good honest people. Some will send their customers faulty or poor quality goods, in which case you may have to open a dispute and spend a long time waiting for your refund.

But is there anything you can do not to run into a bad seller? How do you find a reliable seller who values every customer they get?

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How to find a reliable seller on AliExpress?

Every seller on this Chinese platform has their own rating based on customers’ feedback. You might have noticed various medals, diamonds and crowns above the product description. This is the seller’s rating:

If you place your mouse cursor over the percentage of positive reviews, you will see detailed rating of the seller:

On the screenshot above you can see:

The store number

Which year it started to operate

Detailed ratings on a five-point scale

Rating is broken down into the following categories:

How much the item matches the description

How well the seller communicated with the customer

How fast the item was delivered

This detailed list will help you estimate how trustworthy a seller on AliEexpress is. Also don’t forget to read the reviews, they should play an important part in your decision making process when choosing an item.

More often than not, important details about the item or the delivery will be brought up by other customers.

The largest and most reliable sellers on this online marketplace are marked with a Top Brand medal:

Such sellers value each customer and on the rare occasion there is something wrong with the item (in case it has a manufacturing defect or doesn’t match the description) they will always try to accommodate the client.

How to look for a seller on AliExpress by name?

Sometimes you remember the name of the store where you bought something and were very satisfied with the purchase. So now you would like to buy something from the same seller. How do you find a seller on Aliexpress by the name of the store?

It’s not hard at all. We go to My Aliexpress/My Orders

There is a View Store button under every item:

But what if you have never ordered anything from the seller you are trying to find? You may be following your friend’s recommendation or have simply cleared your order history.

That’s no trouble either, you can still find the store via the search bar. Not only Aliexpress search bar – any browser search bar. In case Aliexpress search couldn’t find what you were looking for, try this option, here search is done by Google.

How to find a Taobao seller on AliExpress?

Compared to Aliexpress, Taobao marketplace is famous for its low prices and a MASSIVE number of goods. Yes, it’s got an even larger selection that Aliexpress!

Making purchases on this website used to only be possible through proxy services, but now you can do it yourself. The only downside is lack of protection compared to Aliexpress. In case you receive a faulty item, it will be too difficult to return it and get a refund. 

That’s why people prefer to order goods from Taobao through proxy services and middle men. Basically, with the middle men and delivery fees you often end up paying the same money you would on Aliexpress, while shopping there directly is easier and gives you more protection. So how do we find a Taobao seller on Aliexpress?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Contact the Taobao seller and ask them directly if they sell on Aliexpress
  2. Search the goods you need by image

Now you know how to find a seller on Aliexpress by name. It’s really not that hard at all. You can also take a look at our article on how to check a seller on AliExpress.

After reading these articles, you will be able to find good and reliable sellers like a pro!

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