Making Orders on AliExpress

If you’ve only opened a few times in your life, you must have quite a vague idea of what to do after signing up. How to place an order and get the item you want? First of all, we must choose it. Let’s open the main page of the website:

Aliexpress main page

After that you can do one of two things: you can either search the item you want by name or in the menu by category. In case you know exactly what you want, we recommend searching by name.

Aliexpress search

You will find that AliExpress has got lots of items that will fit your search parameters. However, you only need to choose one thing. Use the menu that will filter your search results. Does the item you are searching for need to have some specific functions? Likewise, if you’re looking for clothes, you can choose specific parameters – length, the material and so on. This will narrow down your search area and only show you the goods you’re interested in.

As soon as you have chosen something – click on the item and you will go to its product page. Now you can either pay for it or just leave it in your shopping cart.

Aliexpress add to cart

In case you are not in a rush to pay for the chosen item, you have an opportunity to “look around” – study other sellers’ offers, they may have the same item at a lower price. Among hundreds of thousands of shops you need to find the one that will be reliable (have a good reputation) and have the most reasonable prices. Simply scroll down to see what other stores have to offer. You may find a better deal.

Again, don’t rush into making an order. First you need to see other customers’ feedback and the total number of people that chose to shop with this seller.

Aliexpress feedback

As you can see, this store has no reviews, so we’d better look for someone else. In case the seller is reliable, has a high rating and positive feedback, you’re not risking anything. Don’t hesitate to pay for your shopping.

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Looking for a Particular Product

To get what you’re looking for, in case you know the exact name of the item you need or its model, you need a slightly different search strategy. You simply copy the name or the model into the search bar and see exactly what you need below.

Aliexpress search related products

The search results can show you who offers the item at the lowest price. Let me remind you again that it’s not wise to choose the vendor with suspiciously low prices not to run into a fraud.

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