The worst casino I've ever met

If you want your money from the casino not paid for weeks – your choice

It all started with the fact that our user registered in this casino, put a deposit of $1100, lost 600 dollars, and the rest wanted to withdraw from the account. Fansbet asked him to verify his account by sending a whole pack of documents: passport, address confirmation, credit card photo, selfie with passport. The player sent everything and waited for his money. But Fansbet casino could not send a payment for a week (by the way, the weekend is not included in the payment time), then – after a dozen emails from a dissatisfied client – they said that they could not pay to MasterCard, and then asked to deposit a small amount from VISA – they say, withdraw money to it. The user declined, saying it was the casino's own problem, not his, and asked what other withdrawal options they had. Fans Bet replied that it can pay to the electronic payment system and player agreed to be paid to Skrill. Then Fansbet again asked for passport, proof of address, a screenshot of his Skrill account, the player sent it all, but money again was not received.

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Fansbet answer - 7

This went on for 2 weeks – and, most unpleasant, all this time the players's account was blocked, the client could not even go to play there or see what his payment.

Fansbet answer - 4

After another letter from the player asking where his money is, Fansbet once again (for the third time!) asked to verify his account, while they asked some feature once again to send a document confirming that the credit card belongs to the user, although they received it earlier.

Fansbet answer - 2

As a result, it has been more than 3 weeks, but the player has not seen his $500, and he continues to get angry with all sorts of repeated verifications. We do not know how this story will end with Fansbet casino, but we strongly recommend not to play in this casino.

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Affiliate program (not recommend too)

It is also worth noting that Fansbet has an affiliate program at on which sites like ours can lead clients to them and make money from their losses – but in light of the situation described above, we strongly don't recommend dealing with both Fansbet, so with their partnership program.

Fansbet affiliate program

We should also mention that we carefully checked the affiliate program Fansbet, interviewed other webmasters, and we can say that the Fansbet partnership program is also dishonest – they promise 50% of the net profit generated by the players you bring, but in fact it turns out that you earn less than 15% of the deposit lost by your player.

Fansbet's Apologies

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Fansbet answer - 5

To this we can only say one thing: shove your apologies in your ass, pay the player his money, and leave the market altogether, if you don’t know how to work and cast a shadow on the entire online gambling industry...

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Three weeks later, Fansbet for the fourth time requested the same documents and still has not paid the player – it seems that Fans Bet will not only take first place among the worst casinos in the world, but also become a party to the trial.

ADVICE: Play in proven casinos, with instant payout of your winnings and without such idiotic delays – for example, Riobet.