Which cashback service has the highest rates?

Many cashback platform users don’t even know other services exist and miss out on higher rates and better conditions. Often the popular services are the ones that give lower cash back.

How can I choose a good reliable high quality cashback service?

It goes without saying you shouldn’t let high rates make you lose your reason since smaller cashback services can limit the type of purchase they give cashback for, take ages to process payments or take a large commission for money withdrawal. Plain fraud happens as well. For example, you may not get any money after applying for a withdraw while the status will say “paid”.

Thus, you need to be careful when choosing a cashback service. It’s better to get 1-2% lower rates but to be sure you will get it. Check out the rating and the top services on CashbackHunter.com. You can also use the service to see what cashback platform gives the highest cashback rates for a particular store.

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