Why hasn’t my cashback been added?

There is a number of reasons why it may have happened, here are a few main ones:

  1. Your computer’s anti-virus may be blocking your cashback link that needs to be used to get cashback.
  2. Some add-ons like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and similar extensions, plug-ins and browser apps may block cashback transfer (usually such plug-ins are used to automatically block and delete banner and other ads from websites).
  3. Sometimes cashback will not be assigned in case the browser’s cookie support is switched off (it is normally on by default).
  4. While placing an order you used a different bonus program, clicked on a coupon from a side website or clicked a link from a different site or cashback service. We recommend closing all side websites and open the store’s website ONLY with a link from your cashback platform before proceeding to shopping.
  5. You accessed the store from the cashback platform but completed your order on your phone.
  6. Sometimes cash back will not be assigned if you put goods into your shopping cart first, and then went to the store’s web page from your cashback platform or you had placed the order before and it was awaiting payment.
  7. While placing an order you had other sites containing banner ads opened in another tab. Some clever websites may activate their own cashback or affiliate links upon opening, which means they will get your money.
  8. Cashback is activated when you access the store’s website from the cashback platform, but it may have a limited working period. After activating cashback, a session is opened that may be saved within one browser session (i.e. until you close the tab or the browser) or for a longer period in Cookie files (1-30 days on average).

This information isn’t easily accessible, and the time you have for completing your shopping with cashback isn’t specified and depends on the store. This way sometimes after 5-10 minutes of browsing or reading the product description (without leaving the store’s page) or going for a quick smoke you may find yourself losing the cashback.

Many of you may have noticed that it only takes a few minutes of being inactive to be kicked out from Aliexpress.com, which means the store will automatically log you out if you weren’t active for a while.

  1. In case you use plug-ins, extensions, apps or add-ons for browsers that contain links or ads of online stores, they may disable your cash back. Before using cashback, you’ll need to disable such plug-ins or delete them.
  2. Some smaller, untested and unreliable cashback services like “shaving” their customers by simply taking money from their accounts, not assigning cashback and so on. So please, use only reliable popular cashback services and not the ones you stumbled upon on Facebook, YouTube or a blog.
  3. Some online stores (such as Aliexpress) have an option of creating selections of goods, adding goods to favorites, adding goods to My Orders where they will remain “awaiting payment” or adding goods to the cart where they can stay for months.

All those options may “steal” your cashback, so follow the instructions closely, access the online store from the cashback service and only then look for the goods you need. Just to be sure, we recommend to then access the store from the cashback platform again before adding the goods to the cart and paying for them. (Those pitfalls are connected to the store’s structure and have nothing to do with the cashback platform.)

  1. In case you use Visa/MasterCard with cashback from the bank or other loyalty programs, your purchase will be processed by those companies and will not be assigned to your online cashback service.
  2. Here’s a list of programs, plug-ins, extensions and add-ons that may interfere with your cashback:
  • friGate CDN
  • Alitools (Aliexpress Tools)
  • Skyload
  • Аmazing shopping helper
  • Savefrom.net
  • Revolution Price
  • Aliexpress – Where is my order?
  • Aliexpress shopping assistant
  • AliDesk
  • YahooChina
  • package tracking programs
  • various coupon and other discount catalogues
  • links to online stores on blogs, social media and YouTube channels (99% of such links will interfere with cashback)
  • Avast anti-virus (it’s best if you delete it altogether), Dr.Web, Kaspersky, firewalls, ad blocks
  • sometimes certain websites can interfere with cashback if they are opened in another tab (even if they are reliable and have nothing to do with shopping)
  1. Make sure you close all tabs with the store’s website before you access it again via the cashback website (say, you have opened a tab with the product you’d like to buy, you then access the store again from the cashback service but click buy in the old tab with the product. In this case cashback will not be assigned since the old tab doesn’t have affiliated cookies or browser session).
  2. Some sections of online stores or certain goods may have little or smaller cashback. For example, Aliexpress won’t give cashback for goods from Russian sellers and goods shipped from warehouses in Russia (mostly in the Mall section).

It’s best if you place an order from a different browser that doesn’t have any other plug-ins installed and that only has your cashback service’s page opened. Alternatively, you can close all other sites to make sure your cookie files don’t get re-written and your cashback doesn’t get lost.

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