First cash back shopping websites appeared in the USA in 1998 and their popularity has been growing ever since. Why? Because they help to save hundreds and thousands of dollars for people that actively shop online (and not just online – our review includes 2 cashback sites that will give you back part of the money you spend at actual shops, restaurants, beauty salons, gas stations and so on).

In Europe about 30% of all online shopping is done via cashback websites, and this number is even higher in the USA. In Russia the idea of cashback sites is relatively new and they are only used by 5% of all online shoppers. On average each cashback website user in Western Europe or the USA saves at least $500 a year.

To get cashback you must be registered with a cashback website of your choice, find the store that you want to shop with – and you will immediately see the amount of cashback when shopping with them. Then you need to access the store from the cashback platform and finish your shopping at the store’s site. Cashback site doesn’t have access to your personal or payment data – all your payments are processed by the final store. You receive your cashback automatically and it will be available from the cashback website. You can use Paypal, Skrill, Amazon Gift Card and other options to receive your cashback. lets its users to easily find the store they need and see the amount of cashback in it from the best and the most trusted cashback portals including Ebates, SecretDiscounter, BeFrugal, Shopathome and others. Also our website is updated several times a day, so the rates are always accurate.

Today only about 10% of all retail shopping is done online. However, according to specialists’ estimates, this number will raise to 20% by 2020, which means the trade turnover will double and amount to $3 trillion annually. Consequently, relevance of cashback platforms and websites comparing cashback rates, similar to ours, will grow.
1 February 2022 г.

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