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Last Wayfair Reviews from Trustpilot

Ted Campbell
Return issue

I recently purchased $1200 worth of cabinet hardware from WF. I bought one too many ($15) and requested a return label. Since it had been 45 days WF refused my request (their policy is 30 days), even though the handle was unopened. Needless to say, we will look at other options before using WF again.

Carina Brown
Beware of credit card accounts from Wayfair!

I am a long time customer with Wayfair. Everything I have bought from them is exactly as described. I have spent many of thousands of dollars with them and also recommend them to other people. I have always been very happy with every purchase I've made with them. However, I recently contacting them (csr #) to talk to them about identity theft I endured last August 2023. Reason being, I applied for their credit card last July 2023. Apparently, the person that stole my identity claimed, on my credit report, that were employed at Wayfair and also used their/an address also listed on my credit report. When I reached out to them to speak with someone about this problem, of course, it went no where. So, the reason for this post/review is to warn people to NOT apply for any credit cards/credit thru them as this may also happen to you.

Patricia Lindquist
Delivery was a nightmare.

The ordering process was easy but I was told I would receive an email when my order shipped and could then arrange delivery as I had free white glove delivery on my item. All I was given initially was the week it would be delivered. When I tried to trace the shipment at the beginning of the week indicated, I got a message that said I would get an email when it shipped. Then mid-week a truck pulled up without any notice. I worked that day and had gotten home and thought about running out to do an errand but as I was off the next day, decided to wait. Needless to say, because I didn't know they were coming, I hadn't put my many dogs up. One of the delivery men was afraid of dogs so I had them drop it in pieces in a room it wasn't going in as I wouldn't be able to move it to where it would go myself if assembled. (It was a recliner.) I had to have a neighbor help me get the back on as it was too unwieldy to do it myself. I was so aggravated that I don't know that I will ever order from them again. The delivery men said "Didn't they call you?"

Will never again buy from Wayfair

I’ve purchased I think 3 items from this company and it’s always a hit or miss with the items sold here. My sofa was badly scratched and they replaced it and that’s why I give them 2 stars. My last item, a cat tree was just too small and not sturdy enough to support big cats without tilting and falling down. They wanted almost $30 to return it. I really didn’t know their returns policy so it was kinda my fault buying from Wayfair without reading their return policy. Lesson learned! But will never buy anything from them again.3/8/24 yes my issue was “resolved” alright, I only had 2 options;1. Send the item back and pay over $26 for shipping plus the struggle to take it apart, find a box big enough and carry it downstairs and into my car and into the postal office or 2. Accept a discount of $25 and cents and keep it so I opted for the second one. I will pay $25 less of regular price and will donate it to my local shelter because I cannot use it for my cats.

Deven Leyva
Non existent customer support

Horrible chat support. It's not customer service at all it's just automated messages back to you saying the same things. My order has been pending cancelation for like 3 days now. No one will email me back. Unprofessional! I get there is probably a lot of people trying to get help but dang..then hire more help bc just ignoring people is the reason you have 1 star bro! Just saying. I have 2 stars bc their stuff is cute as heck but it is an arm and a leg lol

Poor quality control and customer service.

ordered a table and chairs. The order came in 6 boxes.The table top and base were damaged.We received a new base, but have yet to receive a new top. Customer service reps on chat and phone don't communicate. Rep said not to return the base, and then an email came threatening a fee of $65 if we didn't return the base. Had to speak to a Supervisor to try to resolve this pathetic issue especially for a commercial accountant. We will NEVER do business with Wayfair again.

Jane M.
We like the cabinet but it was a hassle to deal with Wayfair.

I ordered a 6" tall pantry cabinet. None of the coupons worked so I tried to reach them. They texted me a non-working number. I found a number on the internet and ordered. She gave me $40 off, my first time using them. The cabinet arrived quickly with 3 bags of screws missing. Wayfair said I had a choice to ship it back at my expense or accept delivery of the screws at a random day and time, after I emailed them that I bought the metric screws at Home Depot. Wayfair had totally canceled out the transaction for assembly when I asked to make it pending until I had the screws. Then they said they couldn't reschedule it with them because it was canceled. So they scheduled it with Angi. The man from Angi came and could not do the assembly because Wayfair had scheduled me for tv stand assembly because they couldn't find cabinet on the Angi list. Angi said they'd send a refund in 4 weeks. I had the cabinet assembled by a local company. It took almost 3 hours because it had many pieces. The photo had looked more brown and it is gray. It is particle board and the box said made in China. We like the cabinet and it meets our needs. Wayfair has a big selection. I received emails that they are sorry about my chandelier, my table not arriving or missing pieces but I only ordered a cabinet. I got a $58 discount because of the troubles. Read BBB complaints before deciding to order from them. They describe a sofa left in the rain and people waiting several months for delivery.

Karen Mandel
I ordered furniture that was to be…

I ordered furniture that was to be delivered on a Saturday and it came on the Friday! FedEx left the sky high boxes in front of my door and I literally had to call maintenance to come and let me out. I paid for assembly and they told me it would be 4 days later!!! Couch I received was like sitting on a brick! Chair I ordered was so low, it is literally hard to get up and out of the chair. I want to return the chair, but have decided to sell it on Craigslist instead. There is nothing much I can do about the couch, contemplating also selling it. As it is too hard to return. I WILL NEVER ORDER FURNITURE ONLINE AGAIN!!!!

Trouble when something goes wrong

Always difficult when something goes wrong. Took almost 2 months to get help on a simple Refund. BTW. Original product purchased was not even close to what was advertised.

I bought a piece of art that said it…

I bought a piece of art that said it was returnable. It did not look good on my wall so I asked to return it. They offered me nine dollars or I could pay for return postage. It was a huge box so the return postage would’ve been probably $20 or more. I ended up taking their nine dollar offer because it was better than eating another $20. At least this way I can resell the piece of art. I don’t think I will buy from them ever again.

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The Most Popular Postal Services and Parcel Couriers for Wayfair

Place Courier Service Official Website Tracking Number Sample
1 USPS (US Postal Service) USPS tracking number: 9470136895232963002713
2 FedEx (Fed Ex, Federal Express, FedEx Freight) FedEx tracking number: 927512975376
3 UPS (UPS Freight, UPS ground, UPS tracking number: 1Z662F416878787827 or 23491875
4 DHL (DHL Express) DHL tracking number: 5753619701
5 China Post China Post tracking number: AQ321816631CN
6 Old Dominion Freight Line Old Dominion tracking number: 25712420535
7 XPO Logistics XPO tracking number: 869381693
8 4PX Express 4PX tracking number: 00340434499362892642 or LP00514568579700
9 YRC Freight YRC tracking number: 668-179383-5
10 Estes Express Estes tracking number: 0178212964
11 OnTrac OnTrac tracking number: D10013200211502
12 R&L Carriers (RL Carriers) R&L tracking number: 42973815-6
13 Saia Saia tracking number: 106171929500
14 LaserShip LaserShip tracking number: 1LS729803781458
15 Yanwen Logistics Yanwen tracking number: UG475165684YP
16 EMS EMS tracking number: EV938507560CN
17 ABF Freight ABF tracking number: 223092709
18 Yun Express (YunExpress) Yun Express tracking number: YT2215821272057566
19 LBC Express LBC tracking number: 362266453096
20 Royal Mail Royal Mail tracking number: LO036472951GB
21 MSC MCS tracking number:
22 SF Express SF Express tracking number: SF1312268593906
23 Canada Post Canada Post tracking number: 2000556244262499
24 TNT TNT tracking number: GE695447441WW or 199863650
25 Deutsche Post Deutsche Post tracking number: LY359583976DE

All supported postal services (549)

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