AliExpress coins: what are they and how to get them?

AliExpress keeps coming up with exciting promos to attract customers. At the moment the mobile app has a brand new Coins section.

It means that by opening this section and playing simple mobile games every day, you will get Aliexpress coins that you can later spend on coupons or actual items.

  1. How can I earn coins on Aliexpress?
  2. How can I use coins on Aliexpress?
  3. How to exchange coins for Aliexpress goods?
  4. Is it possible to get AliExpress coins without playing?
  5. Read this article to find answers to these and other questions about coins and their use.
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How to earn AliExpress coins?

It's quite simple, the only drawback is that it will take you quite a while to collect a decent amount of coins. Another drawback, and maybe an advantage - this section is only available in the Aliexpress mobile app.

Open this section from your smartphone; it is located at the very top of the main page:

Inside, the category looks like this:

In the top of the screen, you can see how many coins you have in total. There is a GET DAILY COINS button next to your total score, open the app every day and collect your daily bonuses. The number of coins grows with each consecutive time.

On the first day, I got three coins, but on the second, I got twice as much.

Below are the daily tasks and games. The tasks are clear, just do them and you get coins. Under each task, you will see how much you will get for completing it:

In addition, here is a section with games where you can earn coins:

How to use Aliexpress coins?

There are several options to spend your coins. The first one is coupons.

The second option is to exchange coins for coupons in the Coins section itself:

There are a lot of stores that provide this particular kind of coupons. As you can see, not all coupons are available. In the top of the screen there’s a countdown to when new coupons become available. There are new coupons every hour.

Please note that each coupon has its own conditions for the minimum order amount and expiration date.

How to exchange coins for goods on AliExpress?

The coins can also be exchanged for selected goods offered by Ali Express. This way you're basically getting items for free! Well, almost free, they will still take a commission of $ 0.01...

The best products at more or less reasonable prices are snatched away within seconds after becoming available. 

After you managed to claim a product, message the seller with the parameters you need (color, size, etc.) immediately, otherwise you will receive a random item.

Is it possible to get Aliexpress coins without playing games and completing taks?

Many people wonder: is it possible to cheat and get coins? The answer is NO. There's no way to cheat the system, you will have to earn all your coins HONESTLY.

This is how you can earn and spend Aliexpress coins. Have you already exchanged anything for coins?

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