AliExpress special coupons: where to get them and how to use them?

Special AliExpress coupons can be obtained before a sale on AliExpress. In this article, you will learn how to get and use Special Coupons on AliExpress, as well as how to spend the remaining balance.

What are AliExpress Special Coupons?

Technically, these are ordinary AliExpress coupons, the only difference is they are issued before a sale on AliExpress. Before a sale, there is a huge hype and coupons are offered a few at a time!

It is during this period that you can get great value special coupons from AliExpress.

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Where can you get AliExpress special coupons?

You can get Special Coupons for coins that are "mined" in the mobile app. First, we collect at least 20 coins (this is how much the cheapest coupon costs) playing simple games, and then we exchange them for a coupon.

AliExpress special coupons available:

  • $ 2 - 20 coins, no more than three per month for one account
  • $ 6 - 60 coins, no more than two per month
  • $ 10 - 100 coins, only one coupon per month

Each coupon is valid for 7 days, after this period they become unusable. You will not be able to exchange the coupon or get the coins back.

You also need to act fast to buy these coupons, because only a certain number is released per hour. If you see that all the coupons have already been claimed, you can buy them for coins. Just scroll down below and you will see the selection of coupons from the sellers:

Aliexpress store coupons

Also, before the 11.11 sale, they often make different promotions to get free coupons. You just need to click on the promotional banner and receive a certain number of coupons in your personal account.

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To view them, you need to find My coupons section in your account, and then My Special Coupons

Aliexpress special coupons

One user is given a fixed number of coupons per sale. If you see the message:

You have already received the maximum number of AliExpress coupons  it means that you have reached the limit set by AliExpress itself.

How to use AliExpress Special Coupons?

To use a Special Coupon, you need to understand how it is different from a regular coupon:

  • Special Coupons can only be used with certain products
  • Special Coupons can be combined with other discounts, promotions and coupons

Rules for using Special Coupons on AliExpress

  • The total number is limited
  • A single coupon cannot be used for multiple purchases from different stores
  • You can apply several special coupons to a single order, but the discount amount may be limited by the store itself
  • Special Coupons can be used with other coupons and promotions
  • In case of return of the product, you will be refunded for the amount you actually paid (the coupon value is not refunded)

How to use AliExpress Special Coupons in the mobile app?

Open the product page, scroll down a little to the Discounts and Coupons button and tap on it.

Aliexpress Discounts and Coupons

You'll see a window with all possible discounts and coupons. If you can apply a Special Coupon for this product, you will see it at the very top.

Aliexpress get coupon

Click the GET button. Done! On AliExpress, you can save very well on purchases, the main thing is to know all the right tricks:)

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