How to restore your account on Aliexpress?

Sometimes you don’t visit the website for a long time and forget your Aliexpress username and password. Can you solve this problem? In SOME cases, you can. How to restore your account on Aliexpress?

Step-by-step instructions for restoring your account on Aliexpress

Situations in which you lose access to your account on Aliexpress may be different, but most often people forget their passwords, and sometimes their email address.

Let's start with the worst case scenario — I DO NOT REMEMBER my username or password on Aliexpress, how do I restore access to my account?

Follow this link to THE ACCOUNT RECOVERY PAGE.

Aliexpress Recover account

Here you will need to complete a small quest and if you know your order or credit card number, you can easily restore your account on AliExpress.

Another, easier situation: you forgot your password and can't log into your account, what should you do?

Go to the LOGIN PAGE. Click on the Forgot your password button

Aliexpress Login page

Next, put in the email address linked to your account:

Aliexpress Restore password

On the following page, select confirmation email:

Aliexpress Identity verification

Only a few steps left now. Those steps are:

Aliexpress email confirm

The email with the code arrives quickly enough, but not instantly.

Next, we come up with a new password that must match the specified parameters. The easiest way is to use letters and numbers.

That's all, the password is restored and you can continue to buy fun products on Aliexpress.

We hope that this detailed guide on how to restore your account on AliExpress will help you.

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