AliExpress Mobile App

The Aliexpress app provides customers with many additional features that are not available on the store's website.

Of course, Aliexpress is aware that many customers want to make purchases from their mobile phones and has created a special application for all brands of smartphones.

The Ali Express app offers great advantages to its users. Perhaps the most significant of them is that on the Aliexpress app prices are always lower than on the website. So where can you download the Aliexpress mobile app for free?

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How to download the Aliexpress mobile app to your phone?

Here you can download the Aliexpress app free of charge for Android and iOS.

Download Android Version

Download iOS version

Why should you use the AliExpress app?

AliExpress app offers enough advantages for you to consider using it. The first thing to note is that you will receive notifications about all new sales, discounts and promotions on the Ali market. After all, the platform is huge and sometimes it is difficult to track the best offers yourself. With the Aliexpress app you are always up to date with the latest events!

Here are all the other advantages of this amazing app:

  • Advanced product search filters
  • Efficient seller-customer communication
  • Other customers' reviews to help you choose a product (you can leave your own reviews too!)
  • Online support to help you solve any problems
  • Secure banking system payment options available directly from your phone
  • Every customer of the AliExpress mobile app can securely buy goods from China, as their consumer rights are protected. In case you have a problem, just open a dispute and you will be partly or fully refunded for the product.

Overview of the AliExpress mobile app

Now you can pay for mobile communication without commission in the AliExpress mobile app! Very convenient, isn’t it?

Also, do not forget about the Coins section where you need to collect coins and exchange them for coupons or goods. But that's not all! Take part in the Freebies promo and win awesome items for peanuts! 

Now you know how to download Aliexpress to your smartphone completely free and safe.

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