AliExpress: Things to Watch Out For

Don’t be afraid to shop at as long as you know all the intricacies of choosing reliable sellers and the correct checkout process, you will always receive your packages. However, if you’re new to the platform, you must be aware of frauds.

The most common fraud on Ali Express is selling a product that doesn’t match the description on its page. Say, you are looking for what you need and trying to find it cheaper. You study all the characteristics of a particular product and find them satisfying. When the item arrives, you leave the seller positive feedback. However, when you start to actually use the product, you find out its quality doesn’t match what has been promised.

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In Case of a Fraud

First thing you should do is contact the seller to try to settle things peacefully. Write them a polite message explaining that the product you received doesn’t have the quality advertised on the seller’s page. Warn them that unless you manage to settle things amicably (for example, you may ask for a 50% refund) you will be forced to open a dispute.

Having contacted the seller, you should wait for their response. They must react and grant you the refund. In this case you may close the deal and avoid shopping with this seller in future to avoid similar problems. Simply add them to your black list.

You may also start a dispute right away, and you should definitely do so in case the seller doesn’t respond to your messages. When choosing from the prompted list of reasons, select that the received product doesn’t match the description. Then write another letter of complaint. Taking a few photos or a video will definitely help you prove you’re telling the truth.

You are free to choose either of the two options, but we suggest you try the former first: you may not have to start a dispute at all. That, however, largely depends on the seller that you’re dealing with. But unless they are an apparent fraud, they are likely to be willing to cooperate.

Other Types of Frauds

This is the way some shady sellers trick customers that are unaware of the importance of watching delivery dates. Such stores don’t ship out the purchased goods at all and simply wait for the deal to close automatically and the customer to lose their chance of getting their money back. Not to become pray to such dishonest sellers, check your email regularly: Aliexpreswill notify you of the time you have left while your product is still protected by the website. In case you received such an email but cannot track the package because it hasn’t got a tracking number, open a dispute as soon as possible if you want to get your money back.

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