Extending Customer Protection on AliExpress

Many people hesitate to shop online out of fear that their pre-paid order will turn out to be of poor quality and the seller – to be a crook. However, with Aliexpress.com you are protected by the guarantee obligations on the seller’s side. You simply need to know what Order Protection is and how to use it.

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In case you have shopped with AliExpress before, you know the seller has a certain time to deliver your goods to you. In case that time has run out and you still haven’t received your order, according to your rights stated on the website, you can ask for your money back.

Aliexpress Guarantees

Naturally, the seller will not be thrilled to give you a refund, but those are your rights and you must fight for them.

There is another way to solve this problem: in case the order protection period is about to expire and you have no idea of your package’s whereabouts, the website allows you to extend the Order Protection period, originally stated by the seller. To do so, you need to contact the seller and express your request. Unfortunately, you cannot extend the Order Protection period yourself – as a customer, you simply don’t have that option available.

Sometimes the protection time keeps running out, you still haven’t received your order or any reply from the seller. What can you do? It’s simple: in case there is no opportunity to settle things peacefully, you can open a dispute after finding your order in the ‘My Orders’ section.

Open A Dispute on Aliexpress

There is a possibility that once you start acting, the seller will be more willing to cooperate and extend the protection period. But don’t close the dispute just yet! Otherwise the deal will close as well.

That’s all you need to know about extending the Order Protection period on Aliexpress – it’s that simple!

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