How much does AliExpress earn?

Many people are wondering: how much does an Aliexpress store earn? Companies from China continue to develop at a record pace, and Alibaba, which owns Aliexpress, is no exception. They do everything to strengthen the zone of their own influence, while earning more money.

In 2018, the owners of Alibaba Group reported the exact amount they earned (in 2020, their earnings increased even more).

It is also important that they revealed the number of customers of the AliExpress website, where people from Russia, France, Spain and dozens of other countries buy all kinds of products.

For 3 months of the 2nd quarter of this year, Alibaba Group made a profit of $12.2 billion. It's 61.25% higher than last year's result. This shows that this corporation continues its development, getting richer every minute.

At the same time, the number of customers of this company has already surpassed 576 million people, which is an incredible record. Almost all of these 576 million people have their own account on AliExpress, where they make purchases at least time to time.

It's important to note that Alibaba Group ecosystem only requires one account per user, which means that after you create an account on Aliexpress, it can also be used for the rest of the company's services.

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Why is revenue of AliExpress so high?

Alibaba Group receives most of their revenue (85.5%) from online trading. The rest is brought by multimedia, cloud and entertainment services.

It is also reported that more than 80% of the total revenue of the Alibaba Group corporation comes from China, which means its home market.

Because of this, it is clear that Alibaba Group is not afraid of any foreign sanctions, since its services are mostly used by the Chinese, and not by foreign citizens. It’s also important to understand that the Middle Kingdom holds the first place in the world in terms of population.

How to make money with Alibaba?

Do you know that you can make money together with Alibaba (that is with AliExpress)? How can you do that?

It's very simple: Alibaba shares are sold on the stock market, when you buy them you buy a part of the company. As revenue of is growing — so will your income.

Now you know what revenue Aliexpress brings.

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