How to find the cheapest offer on AliExpress? already has the cheapest goods from China, why look for an even better price? Do different sellers put different prices on the same goods? Yes, they absolutely do!

Ali Express is not exactly an online store as we know them – it’s more of an online marketplace. And just like a regular market it houses different sellers that can put different price tags on identical goods. The owner of a popular stall can charge more than the one from the sidelines.

That’s why it’s very important to learn to look for the cheapest goods on Aliexpress. It’s not hard, you just need to know a few tricks.

This article will tell you:

  1. How to find the cheapest goods on Aliexpress
  2. How to find the best offers on Ali Expres using filters
  3. Why it’s cheaper to look on the Aliexpress app

Let us show you how to find the cheapest goods on Aliexpress. 

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How to find the cheapest goods on AliExpress in 1 minute?

To find decent goods for peanuts on Aliexpress you’ll need to type any punctuation mark in the search bar on Aliexpress – a full stop, a comma or a hyphen and press Enter.

The search engine will show you all the goods that have punctuation marks in their descriptions. Let’s try it with a comma – type TWO COMMAS IN A ROW:

As a result, we get almost 10 MILLION items. Not bad, right? However, there are lots more on the website, but not all of them have COMMAS in their descriptions. That’s why we’ll need to experiment with other punctuation marks.

Then we choose Sort by Price and get THE CHEAPEST GOODS FIRST on Aliexpress!

Don’t forget to also tick off FREE SHIPPING or else you’ll find dirt cheap goods with sky high delivery fees.

You can try different punctuation marks and other symbols in various combinations. Now you know the algorithm and can try it out yourself to see which symbols, letters and numbers work best. 

How to choose the cheapest goods on AliExpress?

Now let’s try to take on a different task: you know exactly what you want to buy and need to see which seller has it for the lowest price – we’re going to need a different approach.

For example, you want to buy a new smartphone and already have your eyes on a specific model, say iPhone XR.

We go to and use the search bar to look for the model we need. Note that the website will suggest the search category. Choose SMARTPHONES or else you’ll end up with a pile of phone cases and screen protectors. 

The search came back with 20 smartphones, which is not a lot. In reality, there may be thousands of identical products. How do we find the cheapest one? Pay no attention to the SALE box, it doesn’t always show you the cheapest options. More often than not a seller will jack up the price first to then bring it back to normal and graciously announce it’s now “on sale”!

We click on the small Price button to get the goods sorted by price.

Now we can see the best offers of the lot. 

Why it’s cheaper to buy on the AliExpress app?

The reason is that at the moment Aliexpress is relentlessly promoting their mobile app. Many goods are only available on it and the low prices come from the fact you can’t get cashback when shopping on the app. 

However, it’s up to you to choose the best option for you: to buy at a regular price with cashback or at a lower price without it. I wonder which way is more cost-effective.

Now you know how to find the cheapest goods on Aliexpress. If you have your own tips and life hacks on how to buy cheaper we’d love to hear about them in the comments. Also, see the catalogue for the best current offers.

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