How to look for brands on AliExpress? is a huge marketplace with an enormous number of stores and goods. What can’t you find there! But does it have brand goods? Of course it does! However, brands on Ali Express are really hard to find and here is why

It’s illegal to sell brand items without license, so sellers need to come up with tricks to conceal popular brand names. And it’s our job as customers to read the clues and find them. So, how do we look for brand items on Aliexpres?

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How to look for brand items on AliExpress?

First of all, we need to understand we are not looking for authentic expensive brand goods, but for their replicas. However, these days replicas often have such astounding quality they’re hardly distinguishable from the originals! They come at much nicer prices too :)

The sellers that sell brand goods will conceal their names. For example, popuar Adidas may become Adida or Addas. There is a long list of such cyphers, and here are some of them.

Adidas – Adey, Adi, Addas, Adida, Adidas
Asics – ASKS
Billabong – Billabong
Burberry – Bur, Berry, Burbry
Calvin Klein – CK
Carolina Herrera – CHHC
Chanel – CC
Columbia – MBia, colu
Converse – Converse
Furla – Furly Candy
H&M – H*M
Hugo Boss – HB
Kenzo – Kenz
Lacoste – Crocodile, Croc, Lac
Levis – evs
Louboutin – Red Bottom Shoes
Mango – Mng
Massimo Dutti – Massimo
Michael Kors – KORS
Nike – NK
Prada – Pra, Prad, Prd
Puma – P-I-M-A, PM
Philipp Plein – Philippe
Ray Ban – RB, Ban
Reebok – rbk
Timberland – Tim или Tim Boots, timber
Victoria Secret – VS, V Secret, Secret, V S, Victoria underwear
Vans – Vans, Vns

Watch brands:

Armani – AR Watches
Burberry – BU watches
Cartier – Bleu watch
Casio – CSO Watches
Curren – Curren watches
Citizen – CTZ Watches
Diesel – DZ Watches
Tissot – TT Watches
Tag Heuer – TH Watches
Ulysse Nardin – Maxi Marine watch
Hugo Boss – HB Watches
Hublot – Hub watches
Seiko – SOK Watches
Rolex – ROLE watches
Rado – FSM watches
Omega – OME watches
Michael Kors – Kors watches or KorSS watches
Vacheron Constantin – VC watches

To make the search even easier, add the name of the item you are looking for after the name of the brand. For example, “shoes”, “pants” or “sweater”.

To make this instruction a little more visual, let me show you how I found an item of a very popular brand on Aliexpress.

How to find a copy of a brand item on AliExpress?

Here’s a real life example. Lacoste makes great polo shirts and I’d love to buy a couple. I go on Ali Expres and put the encrypted “crocodile polo” into the search bar:

As you can see, the shirts are stacked in the way that conceals the logo. However, the material quality and the price points to the fact that is it indeed Lacoste. 

That’s how you can find replicas of popular brands on Aliexpress.

In case you are not a fan of replicas and only purchase authentic brand items, here’s a link to a section of world brands on Aliexpress. Here you can find lots of famous brands and items of all kinds. Most importantly, they come at lower prices than at the stores!

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