How to make money with cashback services?

Turns out, anyone can make decent money with a cashback service by simply telling their friends about it or promoting it on their social media, blogs or a YouTube channel. Let’s look into more detail on how you can make money with cashback services:

  1. Most cashback sites have affiliate programs (Refer-a-Friend). By bringing in new users you can get part of their cashback or a fixed payment. On average bringing in a new active user is rewarded with either a $5 to $20 bonus or 5% to 20% of that user’s cashback for as long as they keep shopping with the platform. You can see and compare all affiliate programs of cashback websites and services here: cashback platforms’ affiliate programs rating.
  2. Surely, you can simply keep receiving cashback from online stores while saving on your shopping. You can also become a retailer, ordering goods from foreign internet stores for those who don’t know how to do it (turns out, there are still plenty of people unfamiliar with online shopping). You can then receive cashback from their shopping while charging them the whole price (even fewer people are aware of what cashback is).
  3. There is another trick used by a few cash back websites, such as SecretDiscounter. They allow you to copy a link to an online store and simply give it to people that were going to shop there. You will then receive cashback off those people’s purchases.
  4. How can you use your money by letting it go through a cash back service and make some more money out of it? One of the ways is by using loan offers that will give you cashback for taking out a loan or registering a credit card. You can then promptly return the loan a few days after taking it and keep the cashback.

Also, some cashback services have offers from online stores that give a fixed cashback in the amount similar to a minimal purchase. Another option, you may get cashback for installing different mobile apps. This way, you don’t need to spend any of your own money and make a little bit off every download.

  1. And finally, why make money with someone else’s cashback service if you can make your own with only $2000 to $10000 of investment and start making money out of thin air?

How much can you make with cashback service’s affiliate programs?

Everything depends on the conditions of the program, the number of users you attract and the amount of cashback those users receive. Let’s say a service pays $5 for every user you bring in. This way, attracting 500 people will get you $2,500.

Similarly, it’s not hard to calculate how much you can make in case the platform pays a percentage of the cashback of the users you have attracted. Let’s say the 500 users you brought in each spent about $100 and will receive $8 of cashback. Let’s deduce our percentage (say, 20%) and get very similar $800.

It’s not an astronomical amount of money, of course, but it will pay for a new iPhone.

How to make money with cashback services’ affiliate programs?

Sign up on cashback platforms that have affiliate programs (choose one or a few top services), then create a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a blog or a website, use it to display partner links, tell your audience how to receive cashback, share promo codes and links on forums and so on – be a blogger, work online!

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