How to report a seller on AliExpress?

How to report a seller on How to do it from the website and from the app? Will it work? In this article, you will find answers to all these questions.

In what cases can you report a seller on AliExpress?

First let’s talk about situations when you should report an Aliexpress seller.

What kind of complaints does Ali Express take:

  • Infringement of intellectual property rights (yours or somebody else’s)
  • The store is selling banned goods (weapons, medicine, illegal software, organs, drugs, etc.)

Have you found your reason? Then keep reading to see each option discussed separately.

This section used to include violation of trading rules. It used to be the most popular reason of complaints. At the moment this option is not available, but it doesn’t mean your problem can’t be solved.

In case the seller has violated trading rules, you have to open a dispute. In case the dispute yielded no result, your best strategy is escalating the dispute so that AliExpress admins need to get involved and sort everything out.

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How can you report the seller on the website?

To file a complaint on Aliexpress, you’ll need to open your account and locate the HELP button. Hover over it and select Disputes & Reports:

A page will open where you need to select if you want to open a dispute or report a seller. Click on the Submit a Report button:

Then you will need to choose the reason for your report, which I mentioned before. Let’s take a look at the algorithm we need to follow in each case respectively. 

The seller has violated intellectual property law

If you have chosen this option, it means that the seller has violated intellectual property laws against yours or someone else’s intellectual property. Next, choose the option you need depending on whether you are the rights holder or would like to report a third party for violating someone else’s intellectual property rights:

Then you’ll need to fill in a form explaining the reason for the complaint. This MUST be done in English:

Now we wait for the report review that you will receive on the email you have submitted.

Prohibited products on AliExpress

What kind of products are banned on Aliexpress? All the products banned by the law. In case you’ve noticed that a seller is selling something from this list, you MUST report them! 

  • Medical equipment or substances – everything you can buy at a drugstore. Medical services and veterinary products also fall under this category.
  • Dangerous weapons
  • Explosive or inflammable substances, chemicals 
  • Human organs or endangered animal and plant species
  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Any other illegal materials

Choose the Restricted or Prohibited Products option:

Just like in the first case, you need to fill in the form in English:

Of course, such cases are extremely rare, but still this type or report exists for a reason. So be careful and help the platform get rid of a dangerous seller before they get a chance to harm anybody.

How to report a seller on AliExpress from the mobile app?

Unfortunately, at the moment Aliexpress app doesn’t have a button for reporting a seller. 

You can file your report by following this link:

In case you get redirected to the Aliexpress app, you can temporarily delete it or select the Open in browser option when opening the link.

How to report a seller on AliExpress in case the order is closed?

After the order is closed, you have fifteen more days to open a dispute. Unfortunately, you can no longer report a seller for violating trading rules.

As I’ve mentioned before, all problems can be solved via a dispute and its escalation if necessary. 

Be very careful when opening a dispute. Only select the appropriate options and provide sufficient proof.

Don’t close the dispute until the seller satisfies your demands, whatever they’re promising you! Never close the dispute until the problem is solved in your favor. 

Now you know how to report a seller on Aliexpress and can do it easily. Hope your shopping is always pleasurable and you never run into any unscrupulous sellers.

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