Sales on AliExpress

Sales on AliExpress is a great opportunity to buy the product you need at a significantly lower price. On this day, the prices of many goods on Aliexpress will be SIGNIFICANTLY reduced (up to 90% discount).

In this article we and you:

  • Learn how to prepare for sale IN ADVANCE.
  • Let's talk about how you can MAXIMUM your savings today!
  • Find the product you need.
  • Most important: Learn how to avoid being scammed and not bought into the tricks of sellers

All possible advice is based on personal experience and works 100%, giving you the opportunity to save. They will also save you from unnecessary expenses and frustrations that can ruin all the joy of shopping when the sale on reaches the final stage.

How to prepare for an AliExpress sale?

Many sellers show us in advance how much their goods will cost on the day of the sale on AliExpress. Therefore, you can search for the goods you need in advance and add them to your WISH LIST.

Yes, to the wish list, not to the cart. Why? If you use cashback, it may simply not work for items added to your cart and you will lose your discount. It happened to me before!

How to save MORE during Aliexpress sales?

Although there will be great discounts during the sale, you can save even more. To do this, on the day of the sale, you can try to search for products from the coupons and promo codes section of AliExpress. By doing this, you can get an additional discount.

It is also very important to use one of the cashback services, it will give you an additional 10% discount, and this is not bad if you buy a LOT!

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How do I find the product I need on sale?

Aliexpress took care of you and created a separate sale page, where you can find the product you need by category and immediately see the discount amount.

In addition, on this page, you can buy coupons at half price – a great investment, don't you agree?

Also, to find the product you need on the AliExpress sale, use the search. But not search on the AliExpress site itself - search there works terribly!!! Look for products on Aliexpress through the Google search engine.

How not to fall for fake discounts during the Aliexpress sale?

Many people have already noticed that clever Aliexpress sellers do this: first, they raise the price of the product, and then they lower it again during the sale. This technique is not new, it is used by ALL stores: both online and offline.

To avoid falling for this bait, you can do the following. If there is still a lot of time before the sale, but you have already planned your purchases, do not be lazy, write down prices of the products you want to buy so that you can compare them later. If it turns out that the seller is trying to fool you, do not buy from them.

I agree, this method is quite complicated, especially if you buy a lot. Therefore, you can do this: copy the product name and use Aliexpress search to check prices for the same product from other sellers.

Finally, one more tip. Do not chase low prices, you can always be a fool for a pretty penny, and this case is no exception.

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