Tracking packages from AliExpress

You can track AliExpress orders here

If you were unable to track your order from, find out why that may be and what you can do:

  • Why can’t I track an Aliexpress tracking number?
  • How to track an order on the Aliexpress website?
  • Where can I find a tracking number?

Why can’t I track some packages from AliExpress?

Sometimes AliExpress sellers cheat and give customers invalid tracking numbers for the packages they send. This may either be someone else's tracking number (already used by someone else earlier) or a tracking number that consists of numbers only and doesn’t track outside China.

In this case, no service will track your package. Just wait for it and if it does not arrive, just open a dispute on Aliexpress and you will get your money back.

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How to track an order on the AliExpress website?

Aliexpress website has recently added a tracking service to the MY ORDERS section, which everyone is welcome to use.

Lately individual Aliexpress packages often get combined into one and therefore change their tracking number. 

If this is your first time trying to track your package, you may have questions about how to do it: where to find the tracking number of the package or why the tracking numbering cannot be tracked.

Where can I find the tracking number on AliExpress?

Go to the Aliexpress website and then to MY ORDERS section (don't forget to log into your account first), move the cursor to the TRACK ORDER button to the right of the product (but don't click on it):

Here you will see a window with your tracking number:

As you can see, tracking orders with AliExpress is not hard at all. 

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