What cashback service should I choose?

Choosing a cashback platform should take a considerable amount of time and effort since a lot of services online are not what they claim to be. You can find plenty of cashback platforms on the Internet, but not all of them are reliable. Here’s a list of problems to look out for:

  1. Unassigned cashback (when you have made the purchase, but haven’t received the cash back).
  2. High minimum withdrawal amount (when you need to spend $200-300 before you can withdraw any money).
  3. High withdrawal commission (often when withdrawing via Visa/MasterCard).
  4. Delayed payments (when cashback is processed for 3-4 months on end).
  5. Stated cashback is different from the actual cashback (and usually smaller).
  6. Some portals will list withdrawal options they don’t actually have.
  7. Sometimes after making a purchase the platform will inform of the assigned cashback, but it hasn’t actually been transferred.
  8. Tech support may ignore questions and requests for days or weeks.
  9. Your account may be blocked, deleted or zeroed out without giving a reason.
  10. A large cashback is paid for the first few purchases, then the rate if lowered 2-3 times and minimum withdrawal amount is requested.
  11. A user is lured in by high cashback rates, the service makes the first few payments and then ignores the user.
  12. The rates are very low as the service takes most of the cashback.

How do fraudulent cashback services attract customers?

Most often fraudulent cash back services will advertise high cashback rates and promise mountains and marvels, but those promises have nothing to do with the reality. That’s why it’s more reasonable to choose a popular reliable platform even if their rates are 1-2% lower. With such service you won’t have any problem getting and withdrawing your cashback.

How can I choose a good cashback service?

You can choose a high-quality service by using cashback service rating, reading feedback and comparing cashback rates at CashbackHunter.com.

There you can find and choose the best cashback portals for shopping domestically and world-wide, read feedback on cash back services, leave your own comments, choose and compare platforms for shopping online (see different cash back rates for the same online store) and much more.

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