What does it mean: My Aliexpress account has been terminated?

If you find a message in your personal account on Aliexpress saying that your account is unavailable (more common in the mobile version), it means that you have been blocked.

There are several possible reasons for this. Let's look at each of these reasons.

What should you do if your AliExpress account is unavailable?

Imagine, you go on Aliexpress website and see this:

"Your account is temporarily unavailable. Please use a different account to log in"

You cannot make new orders, but you can still see old and unfinished ones and open a dispute on them.

First of all, you need to understand why you were blocked. From there, you can find a solution.

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Invalid data

The most harmless possible reason. Just check the caps lock key and the language in which you enter the password. If you forgot it, request access to your e-mail.

You didn't activate your account in the mail

If you do not confirm your email within three days after registration, you will be blocked. Now, to unblock your account, you need to find the Account reactivation button next to the message about the ban.

Tip: it is better to confirm your email immediately after registering on Ali, not to face this problem.

You accidentally deleted your account

It often happens that users accidentally deletes their accounts. To restore it, please contact Aliexpress support.

You commit illegal actions

If there has been fraudulent activity from your account, after the ban, you will never be able to restore it. You can only create a new one.

You opened too many disputes

If disputes over active orders exceed 50%, you may get blocked. Aliexpress sellers can also file complaints against the buyer.

Experience has proven that it is almost impossible to restore the account in this case. You’ll have to get a new account.

Multiple accounts with the same information

If you have two active accounts with the same information, the administration will consider it fraud. Naturally, you will be blocked. As with the previous reason, it is unlikely that the account can be restored. You'll have to create a new one.

If you can't find the reason in the list above, please contact support. Needless to say, restoring your account will take a lot of time.

Your appeal may also get denied. In this case there is nothing left to do but create a new profile and start gaining the buyer's rating all over again. Although if your rating was small, it's not that great of a loss.

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