What is Order Protection on AliExpress?

To become an expert Aliexpress customer, it's not enough to know how to order goods cheap from reliable sellers, you also need to learn to track packages and take action if they get lost or delayed.

To achieve this, you need to understand what order protection on AliExpress is.

First of all, it is important to understand this simple thing: for each of your orders, the seller determines the DEADLINE by which he promises to deliver the goods:

When the order timer is about to run out, you should receive an email about 3–4 days before the deadline. 

If you see that the order on Aliexpress is closed, what does it mean? This is a signal for you to go to Aliexpress and do something.

If you do nothing, you will most likely lose money and blame the seller, since the transaction will be CLOSED AUTOMATICALLY after the expiration of the protection period. In addition, it will be considered your fault, not the seller's.

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What should you do if order protection on AliExpress is about to end?

What should I do if order processing period on Aliexpres is about to expire? There are several scenarios, and it is important to follow the advice of Aliexpress. What is this advice?

If the confirmation period on Aliexpress has expired, and the product has not arrived, or you are dissatisfied with the product you received, you can click "Open a dispute". Please note that after the Buyer's Protection period ends, the order will be closed automatically and the money will be transferred to the seller.

If you are sure that the seller did not send the goods to you, or you doubt they did because the tracking number cannot be tracked, it is better to open a dispute.

Be prepared for the fact that the seller will COMPLAIN that the dispute harms their reputation, ask you to close the dispute and BELIEVE IN MIRACLE. There will be no miracle, most likely. Only sometimes, the package still arrives with a big delay and in this case, I do the honest thing and return the seller his money.

How to extend the delivery time of the buyer on Aliexpress?

You must understand that if you close the dispute and the package does not arrive, you WILL NOT RECEIVE ANYTHING. Moreover, the fact that the seller did not make a tracking number for the package is their own fault, the greed did them in, as people say.

You can also extend the Buyer Protection period. To do this, contact the seller directly or click "Request Buyer Protection Extension" to submit an extension request.

If you see by the tracking number that the package is about to arrive, you can message the seller and ask them to extend the order period. If the package does not arrive later (it may get lost or stolen in transit), open a dispute.

It's quite simple, the most important thing is to give AliExpress a working email and check it from time to time, not to miss the long-awaited email.

Aliexpress has great customer protection, and if you do not hinder, you will never lose your money. I haven't lost a single time.

I hope that this article was helpful and now you know what protection of the order on Aliexpress is.

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