What services give the largest cashback?

As the saying goes, you can usually find free cheese in the mouse trap. That is to say usually, but not always, cashback services only offer high rates to lure users in. The promised high rates will be paid for the first purchase or for the first couple of weeks, but then the user will go back to gainless rates just to save up enough cashback to withdraw the money.

What cashback platforms give the most cashback?

Go to CashbackHunter.com to compare and choose cash back platforms by their rates – it is the top cashback service rating. Don’t chase the highest rates and choose a more popular and reliable platform instead not to miss out on your future savings.

In a nutshell, the lower the service in the rating, the more problems it has, while top 5 platforms won’t have any pitfalls, as proven by feedback of thousands of satisfied customers.

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